The problem with the West

The problem is that productivity and profit has become an all-encompassing end in itself.

Everything is subsumed in the drive for productivity and profit. Anything which gets in the way is cancelled. For instance; morality, love, care, human relations, compassion.

The culture is indeed determined by the economic model. It turns out that Marx was right.

There is nothing wrong with productivity and prosperity but they need to be put to the service of something ‘higher’. Such as a well-ordered society which provides security for all. And to support cultural and spiritual endeavours.

This necessary basic shift in values has been discussed in many forms in the West. The problem is well-known.

We need to move from a focus on ‘me’ to a focus on ‘everyone’.

Right now there is no obvious spiritual force which will drive this change in the West. The dynamic of selfish materialism rules the day and still has time to play out some more disasters.