The rotten core

An example.

In the 5 years 2004-2009 the EU sold arms worth 800 million to Gaddafi. [1]

The sales continued right up till the moment that the UK and France (in the main) decided in 2011 that Gaddafi was an evil dictator who had to be overthrown with force.

The British and French Premiers hailed the overthrow of Gaddafi (and his bloody battlefield execution) as moments of “democracy” and “freedom”.

In the West a kind of mafia has come to power. One of the hallmarks of this mafia is that they try to maintain a discourse that they are the custodians, if not the authors, of supreme morality on the planet.

While acting with complete venality they tell a story about how they and only they embody decency and morality. (This is indeed a kind of “Crusader” mentality. One is reminded of the rape of Christian Constantinople by Crusaders in 1204. They set out with the noble aim of recovering the Holy Lands for Christendom and ended up pillaging Christian Constantinople).

The same is true on the home front. Society is dominated by corporations whose ethic amounts to no more than “can our highly paid lawyers present a defence if we do this”. Since the laws are made by corporate lackeys of the political class and “enforced” by utterly supine state regulatory agencies this isn’t very hard to do. But on the home front too we have to listen to endless lectures about “this is the right thing to do”. And while they extol the virtues of the free-market including the free-market in labour they demonise people who are out of work.

The manufactured paedophile scare helps to divert attention away from the venality of the corporate and political classes. Indeed it has become an industry in its own right and a new reason to surveill the population.



The law, corporations and the gutter

Most normal, decent, people understand that the law (national legislation enforceable by the police) is not the limit against which they should set their behaviour. It is there to stop the worst abuses. Their own ethical or moral standards should be far higher.

Corporations however have a different approach. Corporations will do anything to make profits for which they can have a legally defensible position. The markets and their shareholders demand this.

This means that corporations will have the morality and ethics of the gutter. Strangely, no one talks about this.


The power of money

Everything and everyone capitulates to the power of money

This has become so normalised in this (UK) society that not to do so is no longer seen as having principals but on the contrary as being odd, beyond the pale, beyond redemption. Out there, somewhere, in no man’s land.

It has become unthinkable.

The possibility of moral dissent has vanished.


Capitalism. Euphemistically called “democracy” in the West is billed as “freedom”.

But it is a tyranny of money. And far from freedom enslaves everyone. Both those who profit from it and those who are left at the bottom of the pile to live off a pittance. But the souls of the latter are generally cleaner.

Life without honour

completely conniving, without a shred of shame, absolutely manipulative and self-interested to the bitter end

Just another day at Oxfordshire Social Services.

The ideology of profit

Human is replaced with function.

All these people with fake emotion on their faces.

It is inhumane

This is Vasily Valerius speaking. He is discussing a monument of the Soviet people which his father built in the VDNKh exhibition centre in Moscow under Stalin. He says that his father was a tragic figure. A great talent who gave it to an ideology.

In today’s corporate environment in the free world people use a language of “behaviours” and “traits”. Applicants for jobs may be asked if their behaviour aligns with that of the organisation. Human is replaced with function.