Production and Consumption

Until relatively recently society valued activities and relationships which were not about production and consumption.

Family life which did not revolve around production/consumption but which existed for its own sake was valued.

People had hobbies, joined clubs etc. because this had a value in itself.

Nationalised industries (rail, phones, mining etc.) reflected a belief that production was for need rather than profit.

Youth workers could have relationships with young people where they discussed politics. This was thought to be a value in itself even though it had no commercial application.

Education was about ideas and developing the intellect. Even technological knowledge was thought to be something worth having for itself.

Health was about, curing illnesses.

All this has ended.

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The Fog

A FOG has descended. Everything is dishonest. In bad faith. Cold. Clinical. Efficient. Nothing has love. There is NO sensitivity. No authenticity. No valid purpose. The fog of making money or, in the bureaucracy, of self-protection (the equivalent) i.e. the FOG of SELF-INTEREST. The FOG which obscures SOLIDARITY prevails. The CONSEQUENCES of a society which has adopted the absurd MANTRA that personal material advantage is the best and most legitimate rule of life for every individual to follow.


Nowadays the most pressing problem is the unreality of the life we are forced to live. Apparently all problems of cruelty and viciousness have been resolved. The law and social services see to that. Everything has been swept under the carpet. People are tortured, exploited, finished off, in silence, politely and according to the law. A few utter some kind of mute protest. They cry out in a stifled way. Perhaps they mutilate their own minds and bodies. They are treated according to the latest best practice, quietly, in disciplined silence. Life, essentially, has been bleached out of existence.